A Town Uncovered – Version 0.11c – Update

Release date: 17 September 2017
Genre: : Visual Novel, Adventure, Big tits, Fantasy, Oral, Anal, Group sex, Fantasy, Incest, Futanari, Feet 
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 701 MB [Windows], 700 MB [Mac]



You play a senior high school student who just moved into a new town, but straightaway, you have a feeling that it’s not the usual town that one would expect. This town holds a secret that’s causing the locals to disappear and acting strangely. It’s not going to be a smooth ride for you, it seems like trouble and weird events are attracted your way.
What features are going to be in this game?
This game features a main story, character relationships and development, skill stats, a wide variety of fetishes, side quests, a town to explore with many locations and even more interior locations, and of course, H-scenes.

Password in game: bikinitack

Version 0.11c Changelog:

+Added Music During When going to the kitchen for the first time in the morning
+Added ability to replay Mom’s H-scene in the bedroom
+Fixed Infinite Loop happening in the hallway and livingroom on a Tuesday
+Fixed Infinite Loop happening in the bedroom in the morning after talking to mom after cuddle scene
+Fixed Error with Mall Navigation
+Fixed Town Roaming Music so it loops correctly
+Fixed bug during chat with sister about borrowing money involving the luck skill
+Fixed Endless loop with Lillian in the Gloryhole scene at the beach
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night

Version 0.11b Changelog:

+Fixed Game Crashing Error in Effie’s Room and House
+Fixed Game Crashing Error when leaving voyeurism scenes in the bathroom
+Fixed Game Music so that the town music doesn’t repeat whenever the townmap is clicked
+Fixed Game Breaking Bug where conversation with mom about getting a job doesn’t happen
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night

Version 0.11a Changelog:

+Code Restructuring and Optimization
+Added Homerun with Mom
+Added Sister Side Story Progress
+Added Miss Allaway Side Story Progress
+Added 7 Tracks of Music/Textures
+Added Random Title Screen Feature
+Added Clothing Retail Section
+Added Choice to Go to Bedroom or Front of house from Map
+Added 6.5 Locations ( Jacob’s House, Office, Police Station, Principal’s Office, Male and Female School Bathrooms, Mall Outside at Night)
+Improved and Updated the Skill System so it doesn’t use RNG and it doubles points you gain and lose if you’re not at a high enough level
+Improved and Updated Dialogue Box
+Improved and Updated Choice Menu Box
+Improved and Updated Notification Box
+Improved and Updated A Town Uncovered Logo
+Improved Art for Effie Milkshake Date
+Fixed Hitomi not appearing at the beach
+Fixed Bill preview during Dinner Date
+Fixed Game crashing when visiting the Cinema at Night
+Fixed some incorrect sprites in conversations
+Fixed the Dining Room mowed grass exterior in the window
+Fixed Bill Reaction in Mom’s Dinner Date scene
-Choices with longer lengths will go over the choice frame
-Sister Art or Sprites not present when talking to her in her room at night
-The Town Music restarts whenever you click on the Map




4 thoughts on “A Town Uncovered – Version 0.11c – Update

  1. go to the beach at night after the main story you see something in a tent a big fish looking at you freaking creepy

  2. Love the game, but this version (not Alexis112 fault) has too many bugs from the start. Even if you start the game over (recommendation from GeeSeki), game shot down after first event in Effie house (moment, when you have to go in her room). Shame :(, hope GeeSeki will fix that.

  3. glad they fixed it in the mail kept crashing got really annoying i thought it was my computer i was f-ing and blinding at it

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