Lab Rats 2 – Down to Business – Version 0.9.1a – Update

Release date: 27 September 2018
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, group sex, incest, mind control, teasing, vaginal sex, anal sex, cosplay
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1 GB


This is a very early tech demo version of Lab Rats 2

Lab Rats 2 – Down to Business.
Lab Rats 2 is set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.

Changelog 0.9.1:


* Added improved internal support for characters stripping off clothing.
* Reworked strip branch of broken AC crisis. Girls can now strip down furthur, and you may watch multiple girls strip.
* Added new catfight crisis.
* Added two new hairstlyes: side-shaved short hair and short messy hair.
* Added new investent opportunity crisis.
* Added two new stat goals: employe count over X and bank account over X dollars.
* Added two new work skill goals: Personally Generate X supply and Add X number of uniform options.
* Added two new sex skill goals: Increase core sluttiness by X and cum inside X different girls.
* Refactored internal image drawing code for characters/outfits. No obvious effect but future changes will be easier to impliment.
* Refactored internal lookup method for clothing and body images. Should result in large performance increase across all platforms.
* Corrected opacity across all clothing items. Clothing should no longer be transparent unless it was suppose to be.
* Corrected brightness and contrast of many clothing items. Colouring should be more consistent across all items.
* Corrected brightness and contrast of hair colours. Colouring should be more consistent across all hair.
* Added new idle standing position.
* Characters now have 4 idle poses to choose from when they are randomly created instead of 2.
* Stamina is now considered a sex skill and can be improved like one.
* Stats, work skills, and sex skills are now capped at 4 during character creation.
* Stats, work skills, and sex skills are now capped during play. No stat/skill can be higher than 8.
* Added wait button available at all times, which is repalced by a “Sleep” button at the end of the day.
* Characters now use their default idle pose in the interview screen instead of all using the same pose.
* The size of your business is now capped, starting at 5. This cap can be raised with new business policies.
* Added six new status effects for use in future serum traits. Internal support provided for two more in the future.
* Added six new serum traits.
* Modified most existing serum traits. Serum production tiers no longer restrict what traits you can research from that tier.
* Office flirting crisis now makes use of walking away and back peek poses.
* Added garter belt and fishnets.
* Added lacy one piece underwear.
* Added one piece lingerie.
* Added initial kissing pose.


* Removed incorrect deepcopy in AC crisis that might have been causing general slowdown over long games.
* Fixed possible bug with dresses not being removed properly by some crises.
* Fixed crash in the uniform violation crisis.
* Fixed an improper reference to an employees name instead of the main characters name.
* Fixed possible crash bug caused by actions with disabled slugs.
* Fixed employee selection screen not displaying button to select employee if someone’s name caused a screen overrun.
* Fixed character font/colour not being shown properly in some crises.
* Fixed several crashes caused by improper event system calls.
* Fixed crash when opening “Do Something” menu while at max employee count.
* Fixed crash when it was impossible to construct a valid uniform out of provided uniform pieces.
* Fixed crash in rewritten AC event.
* Fixed “Face of the Business” goal not tracking progress.
* Fixed “Slow Release Dopamine” serum trait causing a crash when used in a serum.
* Fixed missing images for mouth cum dribble in the “walking away” pose.
* Fixed crash bug in uniform disipline crisis.
* Fixed crash caused when trying to complete the uniform creation goal.
* Fixed “Catfight” crisis not properly checking to see if there are actually two people around.
* Fixed crash caused by improper variable call in “Catfight” crisis.
* Fixed “Investment” crisis not properly checking to see if you had employees on hand.
* Fixed advanced serum research event improperly moving the main character before the event.
* Fixed “Investment” crisis not blocking out invalid choices.

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