Private Community – Version 0.1.1b – Update

Release date: 16 February 2019
Genre: Dating Sim, Tycoon, Corruption, Spying, 3DCG
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1 GB


Your Distant Uncle dies and leaves you his unfinished resort.
The resort is quite different from others around…
Your uncle wanted to build a resort for people to actually move to and live out their lives.
So It’s now up to you to finish your uncles legacy by upgrading the resort, increasing it’s reputation leading to more and more residents wanting to live there.
In doing so you’ll increase your daily income which can be put back into the resort or you can use the money for your own perverted desires.
By making sure each resident is happy you’ll be able to learn more about them and their backstory.
You’ll be able to talk to them, give them gifts and invite them to different activities.
In doing so their affection towards you will grow and you’ll be able to slowly bring them out of their comfort zone leading to some very erotic events.​


– The game has been ported to Ren’py.
– Special thanks to (Quonix) which is now part of the team!

Please note : 
– This is the first public Ren’py build, if you find a bug I beg you to report it so we can squash it as soon as possible.

Credits Scroll Bar : 
– I’ve updated it but there is a slight chance that I may have missed somebody.
– If you’re pledging over $20 and I’ve missed you please let me know.

Intro : 
– (68 New Images)
– (Slight Dialog Changes)
– Maids “animation” has been re-created

UI : 
– Side bar / Top bar now hide away.
– Side bar / Top bar are now “interactive”
– Outlines have been removed from objects + Characters.
– Dialog window has been remade / moved.
– Choices window has been remade / moved.
– Character dialog has new color.
– Dialog has a new font.
– Check marks now appear next to seen choices.
– An affection bar now appears during dialog.
– Character level up portraits have been updated
– Character level up portraits now appear at the bottom of the screen.
– All characters + Objects now display text in the top left corner of the screen.

Side bar : 
– The bar will appear and show locations attached to the current location.

Phone apps : 
– All of the phone apps have been re-made, no more choice menus.
– M&S’s only appear on the phone once they’ve moved to the community.

Map : 
– All locations now have hover state images.
– All locations now display text when hovered over.
– Character location portraits have been re-made.
– All character portraits have been updated to correct locations.
– Pool location has been moved.
– M&S’s house only shows up after day 7 event.
– You can only enter M&S’s house after day 14.

Players Bedroom : 
– (Players bed) “POI Image+Hover” (2 New Images)
— You can now skip time or sleep by using the bed.

– (Plant plot) “POI Image+Hover” (2 New Images)
— This is the magic plant, use it to cheat your way through life.

Other changes : 
– There’s to many to list…

Main Events : 
– Afternoon
— (M&S’s Home)
— (Char :”M”) “POI Image+Hover” (2 New Images)
—- (Dialog tree) (level 1)
—– (Intro) (12 New Images) 
—— (Talk) (4+ Topics) (1 New Image) 
——- (Flirt) (4+ Options) (1 New Image)
——– (Activity) (TV) (1 New Image)

– Evening
— (M&S’s Home)
— (Char :”S”) “POI Image+Hover” (2 New Images)
—- (Dialog tree) (level 1)
—– (Intro) (3 New Images) 
—— (Talk) (4+ Topics) (2 New Images) 
——- (Flirt) (4+ Options) (2 New Images)
——– (Activity) (PC) (13 New Images)

– Night 
— (M&S’s Home) (M’s Bedroom)
— (Char :”M”) 
—- (Night Peep Scene)
—– (13 New Images)

— (M&S’s Home) (M’s Bedroom)
— (Char :”M”) 
—- (Night Peep Scene 2)
—– (Intro) (2 New Images)
—— (Choice 1) (5 New Images)
—— (Choice 2) (5 New Images)

— (M&S’s Home) (S’s Bedroom)
— (Char :”S”) 
—- (Night Peep Scene)
—– (Intro) (3 New Images)
—— (Choice 1) (4 New Images)
—— (Choice 2) (8 New Images)


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