Quest Failed – Chapter 1 – Version 1.0

Release date: November 2016

Genre: Visual novel, Monster Girl Heroine, Fantasy, Zombie, Mummy
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 285 MB, 281 MB


Embark on an unlikely quest to become the world’s greatest adventurer in the first chapter of this action-packed tale!
Matthew has dreamed of becoming an adventurer for years, and today is finally the day he sets out to make a name for himself. He quickly realizes after a sticky encounter with a slime girl that perhaps he’s not quite cut out for this whole adventuring business after all.
Even with his first quest ending in a failure… and the second… and the third… he doesn’t let it get him down! He just keeps trying, day after day. Surely he’ll succeed one day, right? …Right?

Chapter One features:

Five different monster girls to encounter, each more feisty than the last as they come crashing into the poor adventurer’s life
Fully voiced, expansive h-scenes featuring intense action with each of the monster girls
Relive your defeats in the gallery–either by simply viewing the CG, or by replaying the scenes altogether
A lengthy, action-packed (in more ways than one!) story that sets the scene for far greater things to come in this young adventurer’s journey



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