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Last Update: May 7, 2023
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A.I.D.A - Version 0.283

Release date: 05/05/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 360 MB
About:This character is based on a certain robot from a certain video game. It is kind of obvious, yes?
Here some basics of the game;
The game is gonna be an RPG with an original story, where you take control of A.I.D.A., an android/robutt built up by an escaped scientist from a mean group of tech-hoarding crazies. He ran away from this group, because they couldn’t understand his fascination for robots, giving them tits and whatnot. This mean group captures the scientist, but a freak radioactive thunderstorm in the area wakes A.I.D.A. up, powering up her battery. Here starts her adventure in the wild, radioactive wasteland, filled with dangers unimaginable. It’s the year 2295 and the world is still recovering from the nuclear war, over 200 years ago. What can a single android do in this god-forsaken world? Let’s find out!
Main Quest:

Firefight in Mean City (OOT and Raiders fighting in Mean City)
Side Quest:

Corporate Punishment (Explore the Underground prison in the Buttweave Desert)*
Jenni’s New Hardware #1 (Jenni has some new hardware for Aida***)
New Areas:

Mean City (East, West, Center, South)
Raidercity Banditown – South (Valentina’s House**)
Underground Prison
New Enemies:

TECH Rifleman (Mean City- Center)
TECH Pistoler (Mean City- Center)
TECH Elite Pistoler (Mean City- Center)
New Scenes:

Aida & the Nerd Part 2, 2 animated scenes (Armageddon City, Residential)
Aida gives man a hand, animated scene (Armageddon City, Agricultural Section)
Jenni Oogles Aida (CG)

BOSS VS! Artwork added to all of the bosses! You can view the boss art in the gallery aswell.
BAD END (M) Added lol lmao gl hf* (hint: you can escape)
Can be entered if you’ve freed Valentina before entering Mean City Center**
Available after the firefight in mean city***
Uzi-10: Slightly lowered the chance to hit (still op)
TECH Annihilator (boss): Slightly buffed damage

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A.I.D.A - Version 0.283