Brothel City [Update]

Brothel City [Update]
Brothel City [Update]

Brothel City [Update]

Brothel City [Update]
Brothel City [Update]
Brothel City [Update]

Release: 29 December 2016
Genre: ADV, RTS, Brothel, Sim, Erotic, Corruption
Censorship: No
Language: English, Russian
Size: 22 MB

Brothel City [Update]
Brothel City [Update]
Brothel City [Update]


– Zoom in and out using mouse wheel!
– Campaign is available in test mode! Try out 9 missions with unique goals each!
– Top panel reworked! Check out new detailed info placing cursor on resources bars!
– Detailed girls screen! Press F key or click the button on sliding panel to see it!
– Comfort totally reworked:
a) There is no Comfort tab at the top anymore;
b) Requirements of comfort now vary from 0 to 3
c) Flophouse?s and its upgrades now provide different comfort rooms: Flophouse?s rooms = Comfort 0; Inn?s rooms Comfort = 1; Tavern = Comfort 2; Hotel = Comfort 3.
d) Travelers can rest only in the rooms of Comfort they require ? they will not rest at the rooms of Comfort less then they want and have not enough money to rent rooms of higher Comfort.
d) Travelers can lead a girl only to the room of a Comfort required
– Dining rooms and Pubs now have twice more tables and cost twice more to maintain;
– Altars and Temples now provide cells where only Sisters and Priestesses live;
– Get more constructing less! Food and drinks producing structures? production speed is multiplied by 1.5 (in average);
– Better memory! Financial and calendar info now are stored in saves;
– Let your warriors become stronger! Guards and Amazons increase their chance of victory by 1% every time they beat offenders!
– Easier access to personal info! Now you can get info about a girl when she is inside of a building simply clicking on her figure there;
– Better planning! Now you can see the entrance of the building before you place it on the ground;
– Clean place to swim! Now you can upgrade Ponds to Ponds with beaches ? this gives them +2 bathing places;
– Veteran girls ? now you can see how many days has girl spent with you (added to girl?s info);
– Now you can see how many rooms for servants you have. Tip: Servants are: Hostess, Housemaid, Bath Attendant, Beer Maid, Horse girl, Waitress and Slave. These girls live at the Servants House.
– Show me what to do! You can see the campaign progress pressing T key or clicking the Campaign goals button at the right sliding panel (available only in campaign mode);
– More sounds! Newly added buildings now have their own sounds.;
– New building available! Now you can construct Arena (Gaiety +1; +20 sitting places; Stables required);
– Now you can see those travelers, who ?booked? places in the buildings and are awaiting service (hourglass icons);
– Don?t spam me, doctor! Messages about successful Shamans? healing are now disabled;
– Let me know how many! Now you can see how many girls do you have and next to / symbol ? how many maximum can you have (for those girls, who are restricted in amount only);
– Grove doesn?t provide sleeping places or ?fast-sleeping? bonus anymore;
– Breweries and Vine Cellars start production of a beer or wine only if they can consume 1 point of Grain/Juice to produce 1 point of Beer/Wine;
– Updated buildings pictures of Stage and Scaffold;
– Now you can see production progress in the buildings like Vegetable Garden and so on;
– Now Hostesses amount is limited to Flophouses and their upgrades amount;
– Brothel and its upgrade ? Passion House now provide places for having sex only. Also Prostitutes and Hostesses live there (10 girls maximum per building);
– Animals are randomly added on the maps (do not affect game for now);
– Casino has been added! +1 Gaiety, +6 sitting places, requires no money for maintenance;
– Girls now do not add Gaiety ? those girls? functionality is under reconstruction;
– Now each girl has her own name;
– Prostitute has new sprite;
– Now after being with a girl traveler has a chance to receive an requirement to have a bath;
– No more ?standing places? for Gaiety adding buildings.

Brothel City [Update]Brothel City [Update]
Brothel City [Update]Brothel City [Update]

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