Celesta University Alpha – Version 2.0

Release Date : 2016
Genre: sex-sim, chat, virtual fantasy
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.42 GB


The style of the games is photo + flat design in look and feel. The platform is pretty interactive and allows for basic game logic and audio and video.
The settings range from familiar?corporate/small town/university?to the more exotic locale of a war torn tropical island. The games generally have a discovery/strategy/reward dynamic where you explore, then experiment and finally enjoy rewards that appear after having some success. At some point, about all the poor girls in these games become ?fair game? once you?ve overcome some challenge.
The Selecta game experience has been improving steadily. Patron funds have been reinvested back into the games through commissioned programming, artwork, scriptwriting and audio. In the current game in development, 29 separate characters have been commissioned for voice over treatment. Future areas for enhancement of game experience will be moving to a more robust dev platform and commissioning original photo/vid content.


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