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Last Update: June 13, 2022
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Claire's Quest - Version 0.24.1

Release date: 06/12/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.3 GB
About:Claire’s Quest a highly-interactive non-linear adult RPG set in a dark and mystical setting that was inspired by the early Renaissance and made using RPGMaker MV. Contrary to many RPGMaker games out there This game is completely free of any form of grinding or combat. It is the input from players that differentiates an adult game from the normal porn. However, if you have ever played an adult game you may sense that no matter how much you input the game proceeds in the exact same manner.
• New quest for the Thieves Questline, “Inside Job”, can now be completed. Includes one new scene, a double-penetration gangbang, which occurs if caught while trying to escape at the end (also auto-unlocks in Gallery just by clearing the quest).

• New quest for the Sisters of Fertility Questline, “Meet Your Maker”, can now be completed. Includes TWO new scenes, a makeout session with Mia at the start of the quest, and the Oubliette bondage orgy scene at the end of the quest.

• Fixed plugin/Javascript issues with action button (“P”) not working and default to previous action button (“A”) instead. In general, minimap, stealth system, and controls, should all have been properly integrated now.

• Fixed the error with fail conditions activating for “Far From Home” quest in Rivermont even if you completed the quest correctly.

• Fixed consistency issues with meeting Charlotte in Valos from Rivermont instead of Hookton; she should now properly acknowledge that you came from Rivermont together.

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Claire's Quest - Version 0.24.1
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