Finding Miranda – Full Version

Release: 11 November 2016

Genre: HTML, Adventures, Date-Sim, 3DCG, All sex, Lesbians, Anal sex
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 108 MB


This is the third game in the series, and follows “Dreaming with Elsa” and “Redemption for Jessika.”
On a personal level, I will say that Miranda’s story is one that I’ve wanted to tell for a very, very, long time. In my past, I was a science fiction writer, and she was going to be the protagonist in the sequel to my most popular novel. As things turned out, I got out of the novel game before writing that story, though. I actually pulled a good deal of the character interaction I had intended for that novel into my much earlier game, “Getting to know Christine,” which forced me to change the story around somewhat when I was finally ready to write Miranda’s game. Miranda herself is still the person I’ve wanted to write about, but the male character in this game changed dramatically to keep it from becoming a rehash of Christine. That said, the “Floozie” scene is almost identical to its original incarnation, which I wrote a … strikingly long time ago.

5 thoughts on “Finding Miranda – Full Version

  1. So much hype about this game, saw nothing that special, boring and messy story line, awful game design, most images heavily compressed and lacking lot’s of rendering, mehhh

  2. I finished the game, and guess what? i didn’t saw one single sex scene at all, was always getting, oh you don’t have xx points so we won’t show this sex scene, i mean WTF? even completing the game you don’t see any sex at all, geez!
    So i went for a second play and choose some different answers, but i was still not having enough points and no sex scenes showing up, i gave up because the story is confusing and unappealing, so i quit playing, i still wonder why some people worship this crap…

    1. I’m not the developer of the game, I am sorry the game disapoined you, try another!

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