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Last Update: May 11, 2022
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Journey - Version 0.28.2

Release date: 05/10/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 422 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:Journey, get souls and defeat enemies. Improve your skills, get new skills – all this will help you cope with the enemies standing in your way.​
Added interaction with the house on the second map.
New сharacter – Maid
New character – Elf
New quest with the Stranger
Rebalance the system of rewarding souls for winning or losing with enemy
Foreplay mini-game added
When selecting “Straight Content” a character without armor will no longer be naked in the inventory and in combat.
Bug fixing
Fixed the quest with Master Rickey. The quest will now be completed (if you are familiar with Elander/Elsia)
Fixed the quest with the Stranger. Sometimes the quest might not complete.
Removed stats upgrades in the inventory. I decided to abandon this method of upgrading skills.
Corrected names and quests from Master Ricky for Elsia and Elander.
Fixed display of the number of souls for the quest at Anubis
Removed an additional request for Straight Content from the Ranger
Ranger (female) has corrected the display of the night version of the animation. And also fixed bug with repetition of some animations.
The Cunning Serpent quest for Elsia has been corrected.
Corrected the translation of wrong lines.
Reworked the conversation for some characters.
Fixed character creation. The character class can now be changed without a complete restart of the game.
Fixed an error in combat, it occurred when the character was without a sword.
Fixed a bug in the characteristics when selecting the class Knight.
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