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Last Update: November 19, 2023
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Milfairy Tales - Version 0.6330p

Release date: 11/18/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 969 MB
About:Follow our hero-in-training (Default: Mark), in his quest to master the sword-style of his family. He is the son of the famous heroine, who helped save the world from chaos. The style of his mother relies on one’s sexual desire. She believes she cannot fully guide him through the rules. He will need to get more information from his foxy masters about how to transform the tension in his relationship into strength. However, he does not realize that his adventure could become the start of something much greater and that the world could require another legendary hero before too long. His colorful group of sexually attractive Milfs will take you on a a magical journey through Milfairy. This magical land is full of mystery and protected by the Goddess for absolute love!

Expect a blend of traditional JRPG, featuring combat and dungeon exploration, as well as dating and sex games with the girls from Milfairy! Take two lovers who are star-crossed in a quest to help save the world again and once and for all.
– Added Part 1 of Chapter VI
– New Area: Salamander Dunes
– New Town: Merchant Town Abar
– New Party Memeber.
– New Skills added for all characters.
– Side-Quests: Bronze Hunt #9 added.
– 3 Main Quests added
– 4 new scenes added
– Gallery up to 577 CGs (pics 562-569 unavaible for unlocking yet)
– Tons of new npcs and interactions added
– New Love Mode interactions
– Level 4 Intimacy available
– New spells and skills to learn
– Many Balance/Description adjustments: items/skills/enemies
– Love Love Status Screen revised
– Date and Perfect Date counters on Love Love Menu properly register how many you’ve had.
– Some Dating Mode fixes and adjustments, major revision and scenes coming up for next update.

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Milfairy Tales - Version 0.6330p