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Last Update: May 1, 2022
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MIST - Version 0.9 & Incest Patch

Release date: 02/23/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 2 GB
About:You’d like nothing more than to sit and relax in your grandfather’s old mountain lodge, but then you are suddenly surrounded
A dense dark, natural fog. And, even more dangerous creatures lurking in the woods create a difficult situation.
There is hope. A girl who has been able to escape, and now lives with you.
You make a deal to assist her as a reward for special “favors”.
This is only the beginning.
Your goal is to survive and learn from what happened and, most importantly make your own post-apocalyptic Harem.
New Content:

1. New story content. At least an hour of gameplay.

2. 4 new scenes, one for each girl.

3. New areas, new soundeffects etc.

4. A bunch of new animations.

5. Aswell as a new weapon.

Content changes:

1. Small adjustements to the early game, putting some of Robins earlier struggles before the rework back into the game.

2. Added a function to look at a map while exploring the tunnels.


1. Bugfixes. The usual small stuff that arrives while developing.

2. Grammar and spelling fixes that were pointed out to me.

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