Parental Love – Version 1.0 & Incest Patch – Completed

Release date: 26 August 2020
Genre: Visual Novel, Date-Sim, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Family Sex, Father-Daughter, Seduction, Voyeur
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 1.3 GB [Win/Mac]



In Parental love, you take on the role of a father of two who had a falling out with his wife Emily. You were a cocaine addict, you were a bad father, sharing only brief moments of happiness with your children between your inebriated and sober states, your children and Emily you now long for those happy times they shared with you. A while after your second daughter Ada, was born, Emily thought it best you two get a divorce. You two went through a breakup and the court ruled her sole custody of your children.


Made the fifth and final route of the game
Added Brazilian Portuguese translation for all of the game (thanks grubb)
Minor fixes in dialogue
Changed Madison name to Bluehair Mcblueyface
Remade a few of the ESPECIALLY bad renders from when I started using Octane (img3036/img4505/img3531/img3682)
Added achievements to the game and an achievements menu
Made old saves not show up (purposefully because old saves also just wouldn’t work with this version [very well]) / Sidenote: you can go to %APPDATA%/Roaming/RenPy/ParentalLove-1492770962 and delete this folder now as those saves are dead.
Removed version numbers from main menu
Removed the Spanish translation
Heightened the quality of a few renders that I’d previously compressed a bit too much
Added day 8 massage parlor extra scene
Fixed a couple bugs and consistency errors
Removed option to not tell Sofi about Jenna relationship during shopping in day 3, as Sofi needs to know about their relationship at the start of day 8 and I’m too lazy to write in a revelation scene otherwise
Changed the 12 year gap of MC not seeing Emily to 9 years
Changed the characters ages accordingly
Added several new lines to indicate these ages
Removed all lewd Sofi scenes
Added day 3(?) extra wake up scene
Changed/clarified the relationship between Jenna/Damien during scenes where it’s being talked about
Removed the patreon link from the about page and the main menu
Added a new link to main menu in patreon links’ stead

Incest Patch:




7 thoughts on “Parental Love – Version 1.0 & Incest Patch – Completed

  1. Hoping artist fixes asse’s/butts. As way too bit and out of proportion in 0.3.1 version. love the game and way speed going yeah hot cannot wait for pt,4…

  2. One after 0.4. Sound’s like its going to be terrible taking all great things out of it for example: going to all be house sharing friends so incest theam removed, and hot character who perfect as was ada even knowing said she 18 being removed completely from game.

    So to me game is dead in fact prefer he gave up on n it altogether then ruin a great game like author is with these change’s, wish everyone just abandoned patron and put proper game somewhere else or own site with link to it. With these change’s I won’t be paying them any towards there game.

    Sorry everyone about rating, but was so dissapinting and annoying.

    Patron, are super prick’s I curse them for ruining all fun for everyone.

  3. leobree, can we have the walktrough for this one plz ? this game absolutely needs one. Thx

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