Sex & Glory – Roommates

Release date: 07 July 2016
Genre: 3DCG, ADV, animation, blowjob, flash, lesbians, sex-sim , threesome
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 303 MB

About :

?Roommates? is a game where the player, in the role of Lina Carrasco, slowly tries to subdue her haughty roommate and turn her into a pliant girlfriend?and, mostly, to get some payback for a year-long enactment of Roommate-from-Hell. To do so, she has to help Vivian study for her courses; the more successful Lina is in teaching Vivian, the more reliant on her she becomes and the greater Lina?s authority grows.

You?re a young and sexy student, so don?t forget about parties?events Vivian goes off to and, once their goodwill improves, can bring Lina to (if her wardrobe is up to par). During these events you may perform crazy actions, and some of them can chain into combos that result in brand new alluring events. Going to a party will lower Vivian?s intelligence and will leave her unable to learn anything for a full day due to her hangover, but it will improve her mood and her affection?as long as they go together.

The girls are living together in their room and with time, as their bonds grow stronger, you may unlock erotic actions called ?sexual favors?. At the beginning, these interactions are barely erotic, but with time you?ll unlock ever more daring events. Combine them with a variety of toys for sale and you?ll get some of the most erotic lesbian scenes you?ve ever seen in our games.

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