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Last Update: May 10, 2022
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Something Unlimited - Version 2.3.6

Release date: 05/09/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 2.3 GB [Win/Mac]
About:This is my true passion; I really love this method on the distribution of my artwork.Not to mention the different levels of creativity I’m able to express through this format. Injustice Unlimited is my current project. It’s set within DC’s animated universe. You are Lex Luthor and you can make use of your influence and power to capture heroines and run heists.
Fixed —————————————
– Expanded the cell slots to 32
– Vixen’s costumes always unlocking in bordello stables menus
– Zatanna’s device levels getting mixed up when reseting her
– Lobo and Crush added to cheat menu
– Starfire’s vault scenes sometimes heading back to wrong area
– Starfire’s special menu opening too early
– Some costumes errors in Starfire’s vault scenes
– Blackfire’s portrait showing wrong costumes in other cells
– Artemis’ leash scenes not showing Cheshire when she is hench

Added —————————————
16 Backgrounds
– Blackfire Content
– Cheshire Content
– Cassie Content
– Donna Troy Content

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