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Last Update: August 15, 2023
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Space Journey X - Version 0.8_c

Release date: 08/15/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 800 MB [Win/Mac]
About:Our human hero is hurled across space alongside an alien female deep space explorer, whose ship he accidentally destroyed…
Supported by an overconfident drone and a mysterious passenger, it is our hero’s task to make his fortune and embark on the long journey back home, while dealing with alien women, crazy sex-bots and adventurers in his path…​
Main New Features
Completely reworked economy (bots, wares, missions)
Revised mission system on central Captain’s console
Quest: The Holodeck
Quest: The Princesses Demands
Quest: Toys For Nimhe Ct’d
Quest: Nimhe Public Favours
Quest: A Favour For Krogneath / Pet Training
New Mining Spot Arellarti
New High End Krell Enforcer Mob (Mil Drop Guarantee)
Galaxina Ct’d
MC Tech Skill Mechanics (Stage I)
Nimhe Parts Upgrade Skill
Arellarti Precursor Wreck Site
SW Design: Quest DB sanity checker, skill increment system, …
many QoL feature gameplay and Botlab
Multiverse Pod Retrieval procedure
Nothing to do, it is just there in your new Game 🙂
Known Issues V0.8c:
Minor graphics/artwork inconsistencies
V0.7 saves will _not_ work. Positively. V0.4, V0.5, V0.6, V0.7 multiverse pods will!
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