The Facility – Version 0.75

Release: 13 November 2016

Genre: interactive, sexy girls, big tits, all sex, lesbian, domination, bdsm, sexual training, slave, toys
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 118 MB


You play as Skye Blee, a 22 year old woman living in a cheap apartment with few luxuries and little hope. A few weeks ago you contacted a place known simply as The Facility.
The Facility recruits people like you for a two week training period. After two weeks you’re given the choice to leave or stay with them. Now one of their people is coming to take you there. If you agree to go with her, you’ll gain access to a life of safety, luxury, and sexual pleasure. However you’ll also be hypnotized and trained to become a sex slave.
The game is heavily F/F oriented with some bondage.

A summary of the new features:
Game is now playable up to the end of Day 5.
Day 5 involves new outdoor areas, and new people to talk to.
Most of the old art has been redrawn, and all new art has been added.
New poses for Skye’s photos.
The hypnosis scene features an animated, rotating spiral.
Game is a standalone executable. Just download, unzip, and play.

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