Whores of Thrones – Version 1.01 – Update

Release date: 17 May 2020 
Genre: Visual Novel, Storytelling, Lesbian, Corruption, Blackmail, BDSM, Femdom, Monster, Exhibitionism, Pregnancy
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 867 MB [Win/Mac/Android]


Finally we want to show you prologue of new version of this game. Tell us hat do you think of it.


– fixed problem with continuing from some 0.9 saves v 1.01
– fixed some idle scenes v 1.0 beta 3
– rewritten thief open dungeon lock event for Arya non patched version – but honestly I don’t know why would you play this non patched version 😉 v 1.0 beta 3
– fixed error Pycelle videos wouldn’t play nicely v 1.0 beta 3
– animations gallery v 1.0 beta 2 – you asked about it and here it is- you can see animations there. Tell us what you think
– new idle events v 1.0 beta 1
– fixed thief bug for Arya non patched version v 1.0 beta 1
– some in-game logic fixed v 1.0 beta
– fixed journal errors
– new Sansa episode
– over 280 new images
– 17 new animations
Known issues:
– animations will show up as locked in the gallery until you re-play those scenes. It appears to be a Ren’py engine bug. There is no other solution for this.







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