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Last Update: May 7, 2023
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[Android] Deep Vault 69 - Version 0.1.23a

Release date: 05/06/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English, Russian
Size: 500 MB [Win/Android]
About:Howdy, pardner! Might I say, you’re looking fit as a fiddle!
And this is not surprising, because you are one of the survivors in a comfortable vault!
But it’s time to get to the surface to explore the world. Well, or try to do it.​
1. Added a quest with Luna. (2 scenes / 2 full animations).
2. A chance meeting with Miss Garvey (Scene 1). – Take a shower at night.
3. Updated sprite – Miss Garvey.
4. Updated the scene with Miss Garvey.
5. Updated the intro to the game.
6. Initial connection and display of reputation with characters.
7. Updated location: Outside in front of the shelter.
8. Added location – Radio room.
9. The Gallery has been updated.
10. Optimized game data: – The weight of the game has been reduced. – The speed of the application has been stabilized (should help for weak devices).
The approximate time of passage is +~ 20 minutes.
Fixed a bug with missing patrons from Boosty.
Added all patrons (Resident+) until today.
Old saves don’t work.Use the “New Content” button at the beginning of the game and you will get quick access to new events ^^
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