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Last Update: May 8, 2023
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[Android] JASON, Coming of Age - Version 0.6.5

Release date: 05/08/2023
Censorship: No
Language: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish
Size: 1 GB [Win/Android]
About:In this adventure, you’ll play as Jason an adult of the age of 25, whom’s gonna find himself involved in a tense adventure with a group of friends by his old friends. The story takes place in 2021. It’s the same as the one before but without the Covid19. We all wish to forget about the dreadful virus, don’t you? Jason is thrilled about this opportunity. Jason is about to move into his first apartment, and will soon begin his job as a computer technician at an area newspaper known as”the “Daily Gazette”.
He knows that everything is in line with his plan He has the backing of his family and friends and knows that the move is going according to plan. It seems that the moment to make a statement is here. His childhood friend is being increasingly flirty with him , and it appears that his actions are catching the attention of women in his vicinity. What’s the source of that sudden attraction originates? I’m not going too overboard with your excitement however I won’t go into details. However, if you believe me when I say that you’d do anything to be in his spot.
Complete overhaul of the English version of the game.
Addition of the phone feature (Message archive, Real-time texting, Reception notification, In-game time management).
Addition of four scenes to the prologue (Choosing the start with the therapist, Looking through the Judas hole, Phone discussion with mom, First discovery of Marvin’s sister).
Addition of SFX and music.
Addition of 140 renders (Approximately 10 minutes of gameplay).
Modification of the code to allow for the addition of patch. Patched version numbers will have the designation VX.X.X-patch.
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