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Last Update: November 8, 2022
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[Android] The Fixer - Version 0.2.108

Release date: 09/30/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 135 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:The Fixer is an adult life sim lite visual novel. You take the role of our protagonist, Samantha who is a Fixer. She has to make “problems” your employer has, go away. From investigating industrial sabotage to diplomacy between factions. All the while trying to balance your normal day to day life.
After playing through one of the origin stories, you find yourself in Blaston, having been rescued by the cities main power base and in return you agree to work for them as a “Fixer”. Someone who solves potentially sensitive problems using tact, diplomacy or underhanded means. Will you manage to make a difference to the town and it’s power brokers or will you fall into the pit of depravity and despair along with the majority of residents in Blaston?
Added art for the cosplay girls. Saskia and Frida plus pregnant variations
Added the event where you pick up clothes from the girls at the market as well as picking up the tracker from the junkyard
Haven mission can now be played after collecting the packages
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