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Last Update: September 4, 2021
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[Android] The Fixer - Version
Release date: 3 September 2021
Genre: Sandbox, 2DCG, Female protagonist, Anal Sex, Creampie, Handjob, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Sexual Harassment, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 105 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:The Fixer is a visual novel about adult life. You play Samantha, the protagonist of The Fixer. She must solve the problems your employer has. From industrial sabotage investigation to diplomacy with factions. As you try to balance your day, you also need to solve industrial sabotage. Someone who is able to resolve sensitive issues using diplomacy, humor and subterfugel. Will you be able to make an impact on the town’s power brokers and residents or will you succumb to despair and depravity? Changelog:
Added 8 events for the dance troupe questline. This event chain introduces 3 new characters to the game, Dani, Anabel and Rachel.
Added the soccer boys to the school field who you can play and hang out with in the afternoon.
Added some thugs to the school. You will bump into them now and then and if your confidence is too low, they will harass you and generally try to make your life miserable
School sandbox sex event chain added to tie in with the random events.
Added new lunchtime events. You will now have lunch with Cass alone if Mira is away for the day and if you are part of the dance troupe, you can also have lunch with them
Added random events throughout the school. These range from overhearing people talking to dragging someone into the changing rooms if desire is too high.
New dance troupe outfit consisting of a micromini skirt and a knotted tee.
Fishnet tights added and changed the waistline of all tights so they fit better with low rise bottoms
Hair changes. There are now 6 variations of bangs to choose from and 4 lengths of hair. Hair can now be styled as loose, pony, bun or pigtails at the bathroom mirror.
Updated the classroom, field and gym backgrounds. They also now have people in the background to show if certain events are available (eg. You can see the boys playing soccer in the field)
Added action images for when you do some sport. Running will now show a Sammy running image, dance shows a dance image and soccer shows Sammy kicking a ball
Minor additions and fixes
New cheats added. Cosmetic surgery, spank, punch and the ability to jump straight to some of the new events. The events jump is just for testing and will be removed in future
Reduced the fitness requirement to join the dance troupe from 60 to 40
Removed “go for a run” from the soccer field. It is now only available if the boys are not playing. Playing with the boys provides all the same fitness buffs as well as extra mood buffs so no point in running alone if they are there.
Reworked how the lower travel buttons are displayed to reduce the amount of image files
Fixed if you press escape while having the wardrobe open, then returning the game and closing the wardrobe menu, the text will stay onscreen
Fixed missing phair colours from the front shower scene
Removed cut off jeans shorts from the school uniform
Fixed highway and checkpoint bus stop backgrounds not showing
Various other big fixes

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