Total Seduction – Version 0.75 + Pregnancy Mod + Dodge Mod – Update

Release date: 29 March 2017
Genre: RPG, Women, Teacher, Classmate, Mother, Gym, Trainer, Simulator
Censorship: No
Language : English
Size: 24 MB


So today, a new version of Total Seduction is out. This one does not have any new characters (thus v0.75), but it has a lot of new content for nearly all existing characters. I will go briefly through it in this post, but the amount of content in the game has now grown to such extend, that I have decided to create a Guide, where all current sex scenes are listed. As of current version, there are around 120 fully animated unique sex scenes, each with several stages of animations. The guide also includes information about the quests and player’s traits and can be downloaded from this page.

In this version, all girls, except Erin and FBI agents can be possessed. Any possessed girl can seduce FBI agent Mark and have sex for money with Jake in a strip bar. If Noelle will save her virginity to this point, she can also sell it for a large amount of cash to Jake. There are also several lesbian scenes between possessed girls and willing participants.

A new mechanics has been added to the game – girls with Seduction Level 2 and above can be Corrupted. There are currently two stages of corruption – in stage one, girl will start wearing more revealing clothes. In stage two, her behavior will become more lewd. For example, Misty will have tendencies to nudism, or Lila will start earning money on webcam. This behavior will also unlock new sex scenes with the player. In this version, Charlotte, Lila, Taylor, Noelle and Misty can be corrupted. Stage two corruption for Charlotte and Taylor is a premium content.

Besides new content, there has been also several changes to the game’s engine. Pathing has been improved, so the bug, when the player gets stuck in the environment should be eliminated (or at least greatly reduced). The game now has a completely redesigned artificial intelligence scripting, which will allow for more variant behavior of NPCs in future builds. Several models have improved quality, mainly in the areas of butts, knees and elbows. “setup.exe” has been added to the main game’s directory, which allows to turn off anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing caused problems for several users in previous build. So if you were not able to run previous version, you can try to run setup first and disable anti-aliasing and the problem may be fixed.

Sorry! FORBIDDEN EXTREME CONTENT!…tion_v0.75.rar

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