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The following information is required to create a proper DMCA/EUCD notice:
  1. If you are the owner of copyrighted works or exclusive rights, or someone acting on their behalf, identify yourself and provide either a physical signature (when it's in paper form) OR an electronic signature (when its in electronic form).
  2. Identify the copyrighted works that you think are being infringed.
  3. You can identify the material that is allegedly infringing copyrighted material by providing Web URLs on AdultComics.Me that contain such material.
  4. Your contact information should include your name, street address and phone number. Please also indicate if you are acting for the copyright owner (e.g agent, vendor, attorney).
  5. Declare that you "have a good faith belief" that the use of the aforementioned materials is not permitted by the copyright owner, agents, or law.
  6. Declare that all information contained in the notice is correct and that, under penalty of perjury you are authorized to represent the owner of the exclusive right believed to be infringed.
  7. This form can be used to report a file. It will help to block access to the content faster.
  8. Your Proper DMCA/EUCD Notification must be sent to AdultComics Designated Agent.
Notice and takedown procedure

AdultComics.Me shall follow the DCMA/EUCD procedures to ensure that copyright owners are properly protected. AdultComics.Me will immediately remove infringing materials from the Internet or disallow access to them if it receives a Proper DMCA/EUCD notice from Designated Agent. This action is not subject to confirmation from us.

Thank you for your understanding!