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Last Update: September 2, 2023
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A Town Called Tool - Version 9.2

Release date: 09/02/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 600 MB
About:“A magical journey that leads people to give into there desires and question their trust of others, while an unseen shadow threatens their future.”
89 images rerendered in Chapter 2
116 images rerendered in Chapter 3
New lighting rigs added to Chapter 2 and 3 indoor scenes
New camera angles were used in some images in Chapters 2 and 3.
A new main menu image was rendered
The main menu was moved from left to the bottom
The About Page was updated
A new font was added and used in the main menu and the character’s name above the dialogue
Bug Fix: Simon wasn’t scaled right in some outdoor images and indoor images
Bug Fix: Tiffany wasn’t scaled right in a chapter 3 scene located in Emma’s living room
Bug Fix: Hills and houses were missing in an outdoor scene with Simon and Logan
Bug Fix: Simon’s neck was incorrectly twisted and looked off in some images
Bug Fix: Emma had a weird pose where her shoulder looked unnatural in an image
Bug Fix: Some clipping was fixed with Tiffany’s hair
Bug Fix: Were some other small things fixed as well
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A Town Called Tool - Version 9.2