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Last Update: August 10, 2022
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ARISEN - Chronicles of Var'Nagal - Version

Release date: 04/04/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 593 MB
About:ARISEN – Chronicles of Var’Nagal is a story-driven game in which you express yourself with your emotions, embodied by beautiful tarot cards.
These cards allow you to make many choices that will impact the world around you while you unlock new cards.
You have been torn away from your peaceful life by foreign soldiers, then chained in a hold in a warship alongside many prisoners, both elves and humans… You’ve been sold into slavery on the island of Maccialatt.
Thanks to your willpower, your adaptability or your physical strength, you will embark on a quest for freedom!
During your journey, you will cross paths with many people of different races, ages and genders.
People whose very lives you may be able to change.
Some of them will feel immediately likeable, while others, could surprise you…
Will you make friends, have a lover? Or would you rather have enemies or even a nemesis?
New content:
Weather system on backgrounds
Added the possibility to restart a save at the start of Act2

Quality of life:
Changed the Character creation menu to make it simpler
Added a validation popup to delete or restart save
Improved how the quick load work
Player Skin in loadgame and journal should change according to player status ingame
Added more ambient sounds on backgrounds
Removed an unnecessary validation popup at A2MidAct

Bug fixes:
Buttons not used in menus are now deleted
Changed a card in Koda A1Q1C4 from Sorrow-Silence to Joy-Pleasure
Fixed a problem with a text in A1EpilogueC4
New save/load system that should correct a lot of save related bugs
Corrected some Quick load bugs
[Loca:EN] Fixed a database bug that prevented secondary character names to be localized
Fixed a bug on notes/logs that prevented them to appear in some situations
Fixed an error on cards in journal that could caused the game to lag or freeze
Added Nesharif missing sprites
Corrected more typos

Known bugs we are working on:
Residual typos (mainly on the paths that are less playtested)
Remaining localization and tag problem in texts
Adding popups or warning when a choice will lead to a big change

Features we are working on:
Game Credits
Game optimization for lower configs

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ARISEN - Chronicles of Var'Nagal - Version