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Last Update: October 19, 2023
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CataclyZm - Version 0.22

Release date: 10/19/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 300 MB [Win/Android]
About:The world of Cataclyzm is the result of a mysterious cataclysmic event that has merged two different worlds into one. The inhabitants consist of Humans and Beasts, which are humanoid animals (Furry). You take on the role of a wannabe hero called Miles, an orphan boy who is raised at the village church by a busty and voluptuous nun. Great adventure and destiny await you in the vast world of Cataclyzm, where you have to battle wild beasts, meet sexy women and make hard decisions. The game is a work in progress and your support will help me deliver more content and regular updates.​
Chicken Contest added to the Warrior’s Hill map.
Wheel of chance added to the Arbor map
You can now buy and rent out houses in the Capital and the Arbor.
You can now fill your bucket at fountains and use it to remove the burning state.
Thee green, red and blue shards have new holder images.
You must now collect pink shards from lust statues to increase your maximum Lust capacity.
New Music and BGS
You can now craft weapons and Armor at the Blacksmith if you have the instructions.
Wearing Common overalls now has a new character bust image.
You can toggle random encounters in the world map ON and OFF.
– New Items:
Awesome tier weapons added to the Blacksmith in the Capital
Summoning Stone – Now you can summon your party members anytime, anywhere (Item can be found in the Item shop in the Capital)
New crafting materials added for crafting weapons and armor later on (Iron and steel ingots, leather strips, Red Oakwood).
Pink shards
Lots and lots of new items, weapons and armor.
Witch Hunter Armor Crafting Instructions
Great Long Bow Crafting Instructions
Potion of Strength Recipe (You can brew it at your shed)
– New Locations:
The Capital
The Capital – Peasant’s Square
Item shop
Pet shop
Book shop
The Capital – Nallaria’s Hill
The Grand Cathedral
The Capital – Warrior’s Hill
The Capital – Noble Quarters
Lady Dimitresque’s Manor
The Yellow Brick Manor
The Arbor
Town center
The Baron’s Manor
The Harbor
The Desert Ruins
The Forest Ruins
The Mountain Ruins
– New Characters:
Mother Celest
Sister Kaylee
Bertha the Blacksmith
Lady Dimitresque
– New Enemies:
Male Necromancers
Female Necromancers
Elementals (summoned)
Hermit Mages
Rogue knights
– New Quests:
Obtaining an Ownership Permit
The Art Theft
Warrior Queen Cecilia’s second piece of armor.
– Added Scenes:
Mother Celest Character Bust (+Futa variant)
Sister Kaylee Character Bust
Mother Celest and random nun Anal sex
Mother Celest Painting
Abby character bust
Sunny character bust
Dorothy character bust
Lady Dimitresque character bust
Peeping Event – house at the Arbor
Peeping Event – Yellow Brick Manor bath
The Red Sorceress Painting
Queen Guinevere painting
– Fixed Bugs & Changes:
Weapon Hit rates normalized – A lot of people complained about missing their hits, hopefully this’ll fix the issue.
Black Questlog in android version fixed (hopefully)
The Clothes and weapon common event has undergone some changes so now you can see your equipped weapon in the character bust with every costume.
Plenty of Parallax map layers added to make maps look cooler.
Lots of exciting new bugs ;P
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