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Last Update: July 18, 2024
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Corrupted Kingdoms - Version 0.21.7

Release date: 06/26/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.65 GB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:You’re either the villain or the hero in this tale. You initially set out on a quest to determine the reason why your family relocated away from your town, however, you find yourself caught in a series of incidents that go beyond your mind. There is a growing tension between humans and the mythical creatures remain hidden from view. Will you be an example of hope…or utilize your new abilities?
MAVEN: There is now an “Aftermath” event that takes place after Kana and Maven’s meeting. Go talk to Maven to see it, and make a certain decision… also, remember to check in with Kana afterwards!
KANA: You can now give Kana headpats (only in the field)!
LIL’ KANA: You can now give Lil’ Kana headpats (headpat Kana and she’ll want one too)!
MODELS: Hana, Ami, Chloe, Annie, Maven, Jessica and Lyx have all been updated from the old Paperdolls to the new Character Models! Huge thank you to Chris for doing that! (0.21.6a)
TIME: You can now turn off the clock “ticks” (making timeskips instant)! Go to “Preferences” and under “Clock”, click “Disable”!
TIME: You can no longer click on navigation overlays while time is ticking (0.21.6a)
TIME: Almost all time skips have been increased by 50-100% and new time skips have been added (0.21.6a)
Bug: Some time transitions were crashing the game – these have all been tidied up (0.21.6a)
Bug: An issue with Asteria’s “happy” paperdoll crashing the game was been dealt with. She has been told to smile less intimidatingly (0.21.6a)
Bug: Opening a screen overlay while time was ticking could cause the overlay to get stuck (0.21.6a)
Bug: There were a number of issues that were causing start-of-game crashes (0.21.6a)
Bug: Hidden Voices power wasn’t working properly. Now it is again! (0.21.6a)
Bug: One of the Lyx sequences was broken. It’s working again! (0.21.6a)
Bug: Talking to the three Numbers in Artifact’s demesne was crashing the game. They’ve been asked to be less meta (0.21.6a)
Bug: An error when going to your room at night in Act One has been squashed!
Bug: You couldn’t give the medicine to Kana if Annie wasn’t at the farm. Now you can! But also, why do you hate Annie so much? Huh? Meanie.
Bug: Sitting with Kana until the time slot changed locked you into a black screen. Now you can sit with her for as long as you like!
Bug: A number of issues with time changes leading to weird overlay problems have been fixed. There will likely be more, so keep reporting them and I’ll deal with them one by one!
Bug: During the Act One finale, Robin was reversing time. He has been nerfed. Too OP.
Bug: Duplicate bug for Kana’s questline has been squashed (again!)
Bug: Error screen when losing to Hazel has been fixed
Bug: Time was being wibbly-wobbly in the Act Two finale. It has been Doctored. Who? Don’t worry about it
Bug: A few “sleeping” events were overlapping each other. Everyone has been asked to wait patiently in line
Bug: Pixie was cloning herself during one of the Chloe events. To save our ice cream, her cloning vats have been taken away from her
Bug: You could work in Lily’s bar all night. Lily has had unions explained to her and now enforces regular working hours
Bug: Shrugging in unison, Gwen & Ami: Kid Detectives nod. Sure! TYPO HERO HAS JOINED THE PARTY!
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