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Last Update: September 30, 2023
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Love of Magic - Book 3 1.0.2d

Release date: 09/28/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 9 GB
About:Welcome to the realm of Magic, where demi-Gods drink at your local bar and the grand-daughter of King Arthur is your study buddy. Fight your way through the Paths of Elsewhere, romance many beautiful women, and find your destiny.
– Added map exits for the various Elsewhere rooms, in case anyone gets stuck there.
– Fixes for people starting Book 3 without a Book 2 savegame:
– Opens up the old hunting grounds
– Opens up the demon hunting groups
– Bella’s fully upgraded
– Akane’s shadowhunter gear unlocked
– Default loadout now includes storybased gems from Book 1/2 (Shield9 from Emily, Rage9 from Bella, Lightning9 from Thor)

– Fixed a bug where you could risk not getting RP if you started a save without having an existing savegame
– Fixed a bug where you could tell Zenia about Matthew ahead of time

– Typos cleaned up
– Upgraded unity version (eek)

– New event, Great Hall (day 210-264, ex Night)
– Disabled Dragon Quest after you complete it

– Fixed Emily’s mug
– Fixed a bug where triggering a Book 2 achievement would crash the game
– Fixed a bug where calendar UI was badly behaved when scaling
– Fixed some popups having a transparent edge around them
– Re-encoded broken audio to WAV
– Fixed missing video for The Return sequence

– Added a little video bar to see Love of Magic / Morningstar and other Flexible Media games.

– Fixed a bug where rewinding from the Elsewhere map then going forward again would leave you stuck
– Added in a guard to prevent overlapping sprites
– Fixed missing names when mouse-overing some character (Zenia, Matthew, Ian, etc)
– Fixed missing action descriptions when mouse-overing some actions (training in Katie’s gym, Merlin’s study)
– Fixed a UI glitch in Cheat Menu when viewing in 4:3
– Fixed a UI glitch in the Gem UI menu when viewing in 4:3 or similar resolutions
– Added explicit thumbnails for rooms that quite be glitchy on quicknav UI because their backgrounds are videos (king’s dragon, chosen bedroom, dark mansion, Crowely basement)
– Rewrote the log interface

– Fixes a missing link in convo for starting a fresh game
– Fixed Adrian’s name not being set in a fresh game
– Draco now enabled for a fresh game
– Cleaned out quests

– New mini-event with Zenia, day 241+ in R2
– Matthew now has a stub for not talking with him
– Aino removed from party day 281
– Re-encoded one of the End of Act XV movies
– You can’t start the Xochi conversation about healing Elsewhere before day 269
– Added fixes to One Punch Man, Release The Void and the cumulative damage counters

– Disabled quickjump from inside Elsewhere locations
– Fixed bug in Fenris achievement
– Added a replayable stump dialog for 2nd time you talk to draco in R2
– Quicknav disabled from areas where you can’t jump (Elsewhere and locations outside camelot/edinburgh)
– Fixed Kitsune and Aino showing the wrong images in Elsewhere rest-stop
– Fixed scrollback activating when questUI is open
– Fixed a bug where triggering a Day 233 Kingdom event would auto-trigger the evening meeting
– Fixed Kingdom Event UI squashing the aspect-ratio of the scrollable events
– Cleaned up the quest descriptions
– Fixed the path disappearing after talking to Samael
– Restored the Book 1 email attachements
– Fixed being able to talk to Adrian and Olivia late night
– Typo pass

– Day 287
– Initial New Game without existing save now comes with a selection of gems
– Typo fixes
– Fixed cummulative damage bug
– Fullscreen videos now use the VFX sound volume controller

– Added achievements
– New achievement UI (from settings)
– Refreshed the memories system

– Steam submission version

– Set up functionality to reload card backgrounds to debug menu
– Fixed card background not being considered a popup

– Tweaked gemui
– tweaked Emily’s dress spine
– talking to Matthew in R1 now closes Man at arms
– Now showing dance stat
– Completing reading Shibari in R1 will not trigger the next sequence in You Raise Me Up.
– Fixed Molly’s post-service outfits being reversed between R1/R2
– Typo pass

– Reimported audio-files

– Added 20 new collectible card backs

– Talk to KD (day 272+, drinking at the KD)
– Talk to Draco in R1
– Talk to Matthew in R1

– Day 288

– Added a new intro animation to day 285
– Added a new sequence in the middle of the dinner date

– Day 285
– Day 286
– Fixed a bug in rollback

– Redid day 284 animation
– Fixed up sound files
– Updated to Unity version 2021.3.3f1 (LTS)

– Fixed Emily’s outfit end day 278 being incorrect
– Added some additional bella pics evening 278
– Cleaned up addressable locations.

– Day 278 date night
– Day 284

– Can now Facial mom at night
– New Kingdom event (talk to Xochi in R1, assuming you spoke to her day 264)

– Day 281

– Day 276

– Day 280 night

– Day 279 morning

– New animation day 279
– Full typo pass

– Day 279 (night) event
– Typo pass continues

– New event day 276+ at the Crowley
– Typo pass

– Day 269
– Molly’s gotten her choker back in R1
– New R1 relaxation images in the KD
– Fixed a bug where if one room event adds more than one character, only the first one is shown
– Fixed a bug where bedroom and camelot bathroom wasn’t accessible from quicknav in R1

– Fixed Day 250 not triggering
– Fixed Katie’s R1 battle convo not repeating

– Fixed broken addressable

– Day 271
– Fixed incorrect draco size
– Fixed blocked path to third boss
– Fixed reading in Camelot summoning Olivia
– Fixed a video day 272 that flicks back to fog

– Fixed typos
– New dancing event in the dojo (will unlock day 271+, but you can fake it with adding flag R1_DANCE_LESSONS)
– New Xochi event (unlocks new KE)
– Fixed bug where you could get stuck in the glade (before and after Act XV’s end)
– Removed Djinn and Dragon R1
– Draco’s back at the Tea house in R1 if you’ve hatched him
– Removed Katie from the gym R1, returned her to Lancaster
– Added Xochi and dylan back to the, camelot library
– Zenia and Matthew returned to the round table
– Added guard against triggering the X basement convo in R1
– Added guards against Molly using the R2 outfit while chilling in the bar in R1
– Unseelie Court, and first two scouting missions disabled in R1
– You can drink at the Crowley in R1 again (even if you never talked to Chloe in R2)
– Fixed R2 events being accessible when drinking at the Crowley
– Fixed Snowdrop in the R2 onsen being accessible in R1
– Fixed various Dojo events that trigger between R2 and R1
– Added guards for Kulbir in R1
– Fixed a bug where mouse-over behaviors on buttons didn’t reset when a popup was hidden/shown

– Day 273
– Day 274
– Added a fix to clear out Ian from R1 if he was sticking around (triggers when you talk to Jenny), and made sure you can’t talk to him there
– Fixed restore-service correcting for R1/R2 issues
– Rewrote the morrigan conversation to work for both R1 and R2

– Fixed missing transcoded video day 272
– Day 275 morning
– New Chloe chat, day 275+

– Day 272 morning
– Two new chats with Chloe (on in R1, one after day 268, requires MOLLYS_DILEMMA flag)
– Fixed a bug that left the R1 computer always showing a notification

– New book from Diana
– New event with Adrian at the library
– New event with Olivia at the private library
– R1 allies now restored at day 267
– Jenny’s back at the Starcucks, and will play her music correctly
– New Jenny event first time you meet her in R1 if you completed the Shibari sequence in R2
– Guards added for R1 content:
– Computer purchasing turned off
– Sleep in KD bedroom turned off
– Added guards for Akane’s cheongsam
– Fixed molly’s dancing in croptop at the bar
– Cleaned up the University R1 events
– Restored Katie’s R1 skills even if she never became a power in R2
– Restored Dylan’s refresh in R1
– Removed fire immunity for Hel

– Experimental animation for day 270

– Day 268 (will be continued day 269 later)
– Day 270 (one of the scenes will be replaced by a video clip)
– New meeting with Samael
– New elite enemy (the third)
– New discussion with the Salesman
– Fixed inconsistencies in the rewind system
– The epic quests can no longer be started at late night
– Restored the R1 bedroom
– Sleeping in R1 now correct
– Fixed a bug where it would keep asking you to roll back to start of Act

– Rollback now prioritizes the text scroll if present (so you don’t accidentally roll back when you’re trying to scroll through options)
– Day 266 complete
– Day 267 complete
– Started cleaning up R1

– Opening Day 266
– Experimental rollback functionality

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Love of Magic - Book 3 1.0.2d