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Last Update: July 4, 2022
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Pact with a Witch - Version 00.18.06d Premium

Release date: 03/05/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 723 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:Your best friend and roommate is trying to get Neus. Neus is the most introverted student at the school of design. Neus bites you immediately after you have saved him.
It turns out that bite is not only for self-defense, it also contains a bewitching that turns your roomate step by step into a woman.
Who everyday that pases her, she seems to be forgetting more of his past, and becomes more attractive to you.
To help your friend, you make a pact wit Neus to meet for four dates. On the final night, she pledges to return his initial masculine form to your buddy.
Despite her assurances about how she will keep her word, there are still unsettling things she’s yet to tell you.
This PREMIUM version is still a TEST for the BDSM part at the DUNGEON with Hiromi, the friend of Meritxell (The blonde busty woman). Buttons just change visuals, no stats, and not translated in english.
A lot of new images in that BDSM part.
Images of the guys at the beach where Didac leaves you.
I spent a month doing a system that it wasn’t working, all buttons… You had to choose which part of the body, then which tool, then the intensity… it was too complicated and long to do a single action. I decided to then start over and do it with image Buttons, so now the screen probably looks with more buttons, but at least is faster and more visual.
Obviously is still work in progress and some buttons are not available, also no bars change, so buttons so far are basically useless, they only change the visuals depending on which objects you add.
The good news is that the whole system now is done, so I only need to add the text, repercusions, the stats, how much complicated is to do something, if you can do something, how painful it will be, how pleasurable… and in theory if everything goes smooth (rarely goes though) I should be able to do the blonde in this same system but obviously with different dialogues, different images and different resistance (and with a vagina instead of a penis).
I knew this minigame would take me time and effort, that’s why I left it for one of the last things, I hope to finisht it for the next update. ^^
Thanks for your support!
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