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Last Update: March 21, 2024
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Red Sakura Mansion 2 - Version 1.9.1

Release date: 01/18/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.2 GB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:Continuation of the first version of the game on Renpy
After the events in the first part, you are forced to start from scratch in a new city.
Taught by bitter experience, you have become smarter and more accurate.
The new city gives great opportunities, dozens of new locations (in future updates), lot of new characters
(later you will be able to find old characters and find out who betrayed you)
Create your own harem or turn girls into slutty women, restore your former glory and your mansion!
– 5 animations and 250+ Renders in total
Added 2 animation for Penelope, 1 animation for Chloe and 3 animations for Cookie Quest
– Good news: Now my partner is working on animations, which means that more and more animations will be added!
– New quest Every one loves cookies (25 renders + 3 animations)
Are you missing something crazy? Oh yes, here it is. Check new menu item: W*ores housework
– New SURPRISE quest with a new girl (17 renders)
I don’t want to spoil it, it will be a surprise. This quest will become available after completing the quest with the livers. Just go home and sleep and the next day the quest will start automatically
– New quest for Clementine (29 renders)
You are one step closer to winning her trust.
New puni*hments for Chloe (25 renders):
-Rope and bir*hing
– MouthF*ck
– Cha*n and f*ck
– RimJ*b
– DeepThr*at
New puni*hments for Naomi (31 render):
– Ride on dil*o
– Ti*d up and f*ck
– Feeding
– Spa*king
New puni*hments for Penelope (26 renders):
– Flog*ing
– Ti*d up and f*ck
– Ti*d up and mouthf*ck
New webc*ms:
These events happen randomly
New webc*m for Chloe (31 renders):
– Pus*y play
– Magicwand
– Nipples tor*ure
– An*l dil*o
– Show with Naomi
New webc*m for Naomi (29 renders):
– Show with Chloe 2
– Show with Chloe 3
– Nipples tor*ure
– Play with dil*o
– An*l dil*o
New webc*m for Penelope (31 renders):
– Suc*ing dil*o
– Ana* dil*o
– Pus*y play
– Magic wand
– Penelope’s mood page added (7 renders)
– Added hints in some places
– Chainged menu in library
– Fixing bugs
– Changed some dialogues
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