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Last Update: December 2, 2022
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Saria Reclaimed - Version 0.8

Release date: 12/01/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 423 MB
About:A lewd Sidescrolling/RPG.
In Saria Reclaimed you play as Saria, a wandering samurai of Cardinal’s Heart, an oasis town in the vast desert filled with bandits and abominations.
Will she give in to her desires and corruption or continue on the bloody path of a Pure Maiden ?​
– Defeat Scenario : Honeycomb
– Cut-In : Orgasm
– Map : Cardinal’s Heart Outskirts (accessible via Aqueducts or Swald Bar)
– Map : Cardinal’s Heart (accessible via Cardinal’s Heart Outskirts)
– Map : Marks Shop
– CG Gallery (in Cardinal’s Heart)
– A small tutorial now plays during and after the first encounter.
– 1 new song (Cardinal’s Heart Outskirts battles)

VA :
– Misc sounds for teases
– Penetration dialogue
– Penetration creampie
– Penetration loops
– Orgasm
– Saria Teasing
– On Rest

Initiation and Preference Conversion
3 tiers. Based on bodypart passives, either reaching a particular corruption % or a number of activities.
-Being able to convert one mook’s bodypart preference
-Being able to convert all present mook preferences at once
-Being able to initiate blowjobs, paizuri, etc. regardless of Saria’s corruption level in encounter.
-A Bodypart preference indicator is now beside the mook’s name in the Sensitivity Overlay

Advanced Marks
-Increased corruption gains and lowered sensitivity so Saria can enjoy herself more.
Costs Tails and Milked Cum.
-Separated into three tiers :
Tier 1 is unlocked at start
Tier 2 at 20 partners/odd partners
Tier 3 at 50 partners/odd partners

Saria’s Orgasms & Pleasure
-Willpower replaced by Pleasure
-Emotion replaced by Willpower
-Willpower is an unchanging 0 to 100 gauge and it refills to full after every encounter.
-If Pleasure reaches 100% via lewd skills used by enemies/herself Saria will have an Orgasm and be Vulnerable, meaning that she will take direct Willpower damage from all lewd actions.
-Being Vulnerable only lasts for the current encounter, however cumming multiple times a day incurs a malus. (see “On Orgasm” below)
-Bosses (for now) and Defeat Scenarios do not deal Willpower Damage, signified by the gauge turning blue.
-If Willpower reaches zero Saria loses the encounter.
-On Orgasm (100% Pleasure):
Add an increasingly debilitating debuff that lasts until Rest :
On 1-3 Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 15%
On 4-6 Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 25%
On 7-9 Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 50%
On 10+ Orgasms in one day increase minimum Pleasure to 70%
Drop Pleasure back to minimum possible.
-On Rest:
Clear all Orgasm-induced debuffs
-On Masturbate:
Drop Pleasure back to 0%

– BG for Cardinal’s Heart
– Save File background now based on region
– Enemy movement is now frozen if in Advanced Menu
– Saria’s movement is now frozen if in Advanced Menu
– Mook coom has been optimized
– Fixed Fleeting Fire and Crescendo not regenerating Stamina
– Fixed VA lines on SMS Gneisenau Defeat overlaying
– Music now fades out for the short dialogue in Defeat/Boss intros
– Fixed zoom in Cardinal Aqueducts tower
– Fixed Nipple Bite not being in the list of available moves
– Fixed Enemies not getting Horny instantly if Saria is Busy
– Other small fixes and small…things.

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Saria Reclaimed - Version 0.8