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Last Update: March 12, 2024
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School, Love & Friends - Version 2.10

Release date: 03/05/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 3 GB
About:Explore the everyday life of a student in high school living with his aunt. Your adventure is shaped by your choices. Certain are temporary, and others don’t. These choices will impact your relationships with your classmates and family members. They could be your BFF or something else… Maybe your talents will aid them to achieve their goals. Have fun !
What’s new?
– Family route and school route: a small progress of the main quests. But the major event is Halloween. This is an event with a lot of possibilities, hidden objects, hidden dialogues and sex scenes. You can replay it for the Replay menu and you have now a new Achievement menu to see what scene you’ve unlocked. Have fun!

– Maria, the aunt. You wanted a MILF, here it is, but it’s just the beginning of her long quest. Will you be able to convince your aunt to be a slut with you?

– Triss, the yoga teacher: time to continue learning yoga, if you see what I mean.

– Sharon, Lee’s girlfriend and Tenma’s friend. Well… Are you ready to be the most awful friend in the world? If you’re not, you can reject this path (and maybe you’ll see Lee and Sharon having sex in future update), but if you’re a bitch, then go for it!

– Karly and Christy! will you secret relationship with Christy end?
– Ako: time to make a move for yourself, not just for Alice.
– Lisa and Olivia: sex, sex, Nate want some sex!
– New weekend event
– New lessons event

Two bugs have been reported and are now fixed. You can download SLF v2.9 to v2.10 if you just want the fix.
– Bug where Mimi won’t invite you to the art college (Triss event)
– Bug where you could let Bill have sex with Mayo or Iris (Halloween event)

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School, Love & Friends - Version 2.10