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Last Update: June 19, 2022
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Second Class - Version 0.961

Release date: 06/18/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 5 GB
About:It takes place in a matriarchal society where women have more power than men and are enchanted. The story revolves around an unmarried man with two wives, as well as his quest to find his place in the world.
Your outfit choice will determine the game’s mechanics. You can pick the clothes that your character wears throughout the game. Everything that happens and the reactions of people around are influenced by the clothes you’re wearing. The game isn’t as popular as I would have liked in the first build. This is because of the slow release of clothing, and it will be improved with every new build releases.
Added day 5 to the gentle route.
Reworked some dialogue at the beginning of day 5
Added a flashback scene of the father to both routes
Use the debug room to skip to new content. Start a new save file and interact with the chest at the bottom of your room. Password is 12789.
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