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Last Update: November 14, 2023
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Some Heroines Climb Up a Tower to Ask God Why the Game Has a Name That's So Long - Version 1.132 Redux

Release date: 11/14/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 300 MB [Win/Android]
About:After loading into what should have been a very simple and generic RPG, the Heroine is so put off by how long the title of the game is that she abandons her adventure to climb up a tower and ask God why the name of the game is so long. However, to gain an audience with God she will need to traverse the Holy Lands, a place full of demons so lustful that you have to sign a consent waiver before entering. Can the Heroine and her friends make it up God’s tower, and ask some questions, or will the only answers be the game you played along the way?
Added ??? scene

Added voice acting

Tutorial revamped

Fix: Configuration screen does not work on the hub

Add fullscreen/windowed toggle

Add option button to the main menu

Fix: Configuration screen does not work during the tutorial

Fix: If all the remaining girls are shackled, the game soflocks

Add a timer controller for how long a grope scene stays on the screen

Fix: Buying the power buff does not deduct coins

Heroines having sex no longer takes stamina damage

Fix: The game volume settings are not saved when the player exits the game

Fix: the enemy turn goes out of bounds in windowed mode

Fix: The item screen goes out of bounds in windowed mode

Fix: UI goes out of bounds in windowed mode

Change the archer name prompt box

Switch all text to the game’s custom font

Change “Enemy Turn” to “History”

Remember screen resolution after exit

Fix: If the player spams the attack button during the tutorial it will softlock the game

Girl no longer recovery sexual resistance

Fix the enemy checks for counters

Add post-sex buff mechanic

Make sexual resistance fill completely after being rescued from sex

Make heroines be able to act the turn they are rescued

Change enemy health indication from “current/max” to “Heart current”

Fix: The guard does not open his eyes when interacted with

Fix: Using quick jabs with bombs in the front row makes the game softlock

Fix: Enemies having sex are able to attack the girls

Make the attack overlay play even when a girl dodges an attack

Make it so when Loblin throws an enemy, that the enemy still explodes when they die

Fix: The Impswarm would not use harassment attacks outside of his zone when he had portal hands

Fix: Dolls will still target the girls when she is having sex

Fix: Items/skills bought on the hub are not saved

Add game version check for save load -Done Add sound when selecting miniboss loot

Put sound when trying to buy a skill without the funds

Add sound for opening the chest

Add sounds for the shop buttons

Add sounds for the configuration buttons

Fix the enemy arc movement

Add floating number to indicate damage

Fix: Can place multiple traps on the same place

Fix: Enemies can stack when using the tripwire

Create a small waiting time after each action

Hide the cursor during the actions

Fix: Items do not appear in the item shop

Change the tutorial level to be the Slimama one

Add sound for when a girl is attacked

Fix: The gameplay doesn’t pause during cutscenes, so if you end your turn while triggering a cutscene you can’t see what happens in the enemy turn

Fix: Fuu is supposed to use her angry art for the lines when you don’t have enough money.

Fix: Sometimes the art of a girl gets stuck in the roper grab

Fix: map icons warp back to the beginning when you click.

Fix: The hitbox for the cycle button is very very small make it so the quit from the options menu brings you to the main menu

Add Indicator for the slime debuff

Fix: bomb explosion animation on the field is not playing It takes a long time for the grapple chain animation to end

Fix: when loblin throws an enemy over a trap it can soflock the game

Fix: Getting a powerup for the second time can target the wrong girl

Fix: Gobmeleon can attack outside of the red zone

Fix: Imp swarm dying to a a trap leaves lonely imp inbetween tiles, and stuck Add a way to revert back if the wrong resolution is picked

Fix: When brad binds a characters and gets 0 stamina, it won’t show as bound or fallen

Fix: If you clear the bomb with the ninja’s skill that strikes 5 times the animation gets stuck on loop and you get softlocked

Changed colors of the stats change to reflect the stat

You can now skip dialogue with ctrl

Added indications for attacks out of range added indications for when the constricted heroine attack a non constricter enemy

Changed the action duration slider: It now only affects the duration of each girl art on screen

Message that warns when a selected enemy cannot be a target of a skill/condition

Added a warning when the time slider has the possibility of making turns take too long

Cartoon Style Bomb now spawns a bomblin bomb in the battlefield

Added a new feature where enemies that are being pushed or pulled deals damage to enemies (and themselves) when they bump into one another proportional to the amount traveled

Damage from enemies is not random anymore, instead it is a fixed number and naked girls take 25% more damage

You can now select a girl by pressing 1, 2 or 3

Adjusted the HP removed from Slimama when doing mitosis

Fixed the bug where the dojo master would appear at the item shop, and vice-versa

Hidden the enemies HP unless it is the enemies turn or it is being interacted with

Added extra dialogues for some map events

TrickShot will try not to miss on the first bounce

Added an extra power up to loot chests from minibosses and brad If one of the enemies involved in bump damage is burning, the other will burn too

Hovering the stats on the power up screen will give information about each of them

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