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Last Update: February 4, 2024
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Stormside - Version

Release date: 01/31/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 7.3 GB [Win/Mac]
About:After returning from your time within a special military unit designed for people with magical abilities, you meet your childhood friend, Riley, and her best friend Cassie, who are planning their own next steps in life. You find yourself joining them at the Stormside International Academy.
It isn’t long before you discover that this academy, and the way it treats its students is anything but ordinary..
Key points:
Final route selection for Sasha.
It’s basically a Sasha only update.
Added Alumni wall
Added Story notes menu
It’s relatively short. If you want to sit down and have a big play session of the game starting from the last update, then you should wait until the next update. If you just wanna see what I’ve been working on, have fun.
New content:
1200+ new renders
100+ new animations
4 new onions to find
7 new sex scenes (Though you’ll only get one max on a single playthrough. 4 unique scenes, and 3 further variations of them with different writing and some different animations in places)
New features:
Added the alumni wall finally (Click the flying thing on the main menu, if you can catch it.)
Added a new menu called the Magistrate Menu. It contains all the girls sexual data among other things like horniness levels, kinks, etc etc. Accessible through the phone, or through the profile screen and unlocked at the same time as the sex stats are normally unlocked.
Added a new screen called Story notes. It’s basically a quest log to help you keep track of all the different things going on. Accessible through the phone or pause menu. It also lets you enable or disable notifications when a story is updated. (Check the options menu.)
New notification fix button at the bottom of the screen that will clear any notifications that get stuck on your screen.
Changed pretty much all the menus to fit one unified theme of dark glass over a background. (You’ll see what I mean when you play it.)
Changed the date of Olivia’s party event to Friday July 9th instead of Monday July 12th. Just pretend it was always like that. The only reason it was originally scheduled for July 12th was to give me time to raise funds for a new GPU since that’ll definitely be required for Olivia’s scene. Luckily I now have a new GPU thanks to Darth.Avidus, so I moved the event to the date I actually wanted it to happen on.
Added a “Nightvision guy looking through window” animation at the end of the 4th of July party if you let Riley sleep in your room. This was always supposed to happen there, but apparently I forgot to actually put it in the game, and only noticed while making this.
Removed the text conversation and picture that Riley sends you as you enter the changing rooms near the start of the game. I just didn’t really like it, and it didn’t serve a purpose.
MC has a new face! It’s similar to the old one, but less derpy. I’ve gone back and changed a bunch of old renders to have his new face instead. Not all of them though. I didn’t have save files for everything.
I dunno if it’s actually worked, but I may have found a way to improve the performance of the game. Lemme know.
Fixed various bugs and typos but I’m not gonna list specific ones.
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