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Last Update: February 25, 2024
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The Pilgrimage - Version 1.95

Release date: 02/25/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 8.86 GB [Win/Mac]
About:Between her adventures with famous commander Tali Zorah went to her pilgrimage to help quarian Flotilla. What can goes wrong? Seems like everything.​
This update brings many new things to the game. First of all, you will notice this in new animations. For this update I did it as .webm animation files. Such an approach helps me to make animations smaller in size and much better in frame rate thanks to AI tool. Another thing – I testing new battle-fuck mechanics for party. What about the content:

Bear game over+

You need to lose the fight to bear in medbay when a bear invades. Tali will meet another quarian girl – Tika, who will participate in scenes. Also new enemy – hounds, who play a role of bear den guards.
Initial scene with Tali+Tika on event start.
Daily scenes with Tika if Tali agrees to come with her. Three main variations of the scene here depending on lewd level – Tika fucking bear, Tali+Tika boobjob and Tali anal with bear. Maximum lewd level for content here now is 50.
If Tali refuses to go with Tika on a daily event – a different scene will happen. First is Tika+bear which Tali can check. Next time hounds will try to invade, if Tali loses the fight – Tali+Tika scene with hounds. Last scene will be Tali+bear.
Tali action under table. Interact with the table to activate it and choose to hide. Have all lewd levels variations. Tali vaginal on lewd < 25. Tali jerking and licking on lewd levels <50 and <75 accordingly. And anal scene for lewd >75.
Tali+bear punishment scene. Interact with the table to activate and choose to face the bear.
Tika+hounds scene if you ask her to lure the hounds, This option for whom don’t want to bother with battle-fuck.

To start another day just push the “back” arrow button in the lower right corner on the room exploration screen.

Battle fuck with hounds.

This is test approach for new mechanics of party battle fuck I will improve. Now it is working fine, not everything like I want to work, but you can check the animations and easily kill the enemies if you want. Some bugs expected. If you think it’s stuck or freezes – just click. It can pause in some places just for animations. Contain two sets of animations for both girls – missionary and doggy style.

Charn and vorchas scenes.

Charn with his vorchas now will come to save Tali after come scenes. The list of events looks like this:
Bear in corridor with Nyun
Bear in sewers.
Barracks ape scenes
Red varren in warehouse (scene with cargo scanner)
Red varren after escape (in bay1)
Alpha after catch (it was before)
After run away (all scenes with big croc)

Charn saving arrivals will activate if you already discovered training grounds. He needs to help Tali 3 times to activate the trigger.
Come to the pirate ship and he meets Tali on enter. Low lewd Tali refuses, other levels have choice, high lewd Tali will agree. After this just talk with vorcha at the location entrance to move in Charn’s cabin to get the scene.
High (>75) lewd Tali will get a double blowjob scene with vorchas.
In any case if Tali will ignore Charn’s offer for 3 days on next pirate ship visit he will attack Tali. Lose to get the scene.

Other content:
New AMI rescue mission. It will trigger after Tali is stuck in an egg’s nest or loses the fight with mini-boss. Two new scenes with bugs on the way in vents. If AMI will be distracted twice – it will launch the second part of the game over scene for Tali with a bad end screen.
New DP scene for apes game over+. Can be found on day 2. Tali needs to steal the tech part and be lewd > 25. Just go rest and lose the fight.
Another DP scene for apes game over. Also can be found on day 2. Same trigger as above scene, but you need to choose “Submit” option.
New scene for varrens game over+. Just go right to the end. This scene will always trigger. Red varren will attack Tali from above.
Day 4 for slugs game over+. Here are new scenes with Jack. For low lewd Tali it will be krogans. High lewd Tali will play with Jack and varrens.

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