3DZen & HZR – Home Invasion

Size: 119 MB
Pics: 153


The moment Jade met Chezara at her fashion store she was in love, everything about the up and coming fashion model was perfect. She spent every night thinking and fantasying about Chezara. Jade was far too shy and introverted to ever actually peruse Chezara romantically and her “gift” always made things complicated when getting to know other girls. One night she just couldn’t take any more, she had to see her and had got her address from her store purchase when she asked to see her license for a credit card purchase. She decided to sneak a peek through a window, Chezara will never know she thought. After peeping into her home the urge was uncontrollable, a slider door left open and Jade entered the house assuming Chezara would welcome her and they would become lovers. When the plan does not go as well as she thought her futa drive takes over and Chezara is used in every manner possible by Jade.


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