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Last Update: April 14, 2024
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[Android] A Long Journey - Version 0.8.1

Release date: 03/20/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 2 GB [Win/Android]
About:It is 2048. The life on Earth for humans continues to be the downward slope. Humans live in dangerous, cramped megacities as the surrounding environment degrades them. The huge Hawkink Tech corporation, backed by the government, achieved the first colony vessel and took it to distant planets.

MC is a young and bright software engineer who has decided to take on the role of an alien colonist to escape the destruction of the earth and fulfill his dream of creating a new society. But something happens to him and he wakes from a deep sleep only to be found on the massive empty vessel speeding through the air.

He soon discovers that he’s not alone person awake when He meets a gorgeous young lady with fiery red hair. After so long in solitude, she’s angry and upset. Do they have the ability to come together to get out of their trap? Do they have more to this scenario than what it appears?
This episode is mainly focused on story progression. The plot is slowly moving to a key moment in the arc but there are still some challenges to tackle before the end of the first act is reached.
There is also some new fetishes included in this build. I made one of them optional in case someone doesn’t like it.

~ 830 rendered and edited images
– 13 animations
– 2 high res vertical scroll images
– 3 high res secrets
– 3 new unique locations
– 20+ SFX
– 1 Scene replays
– 2 more joke segments for the hacking game.

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