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Last Update: March 15, 2023
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[Android] Confined with Goddesses - Version 0.3.2

Release date: 03/15/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 390 MB [Win/Android]
About:Confined with Goddesses is a humorous story based on hentai culture in their “funny”. My inspiration is coming from hentai/manga, adult manhwas as well as a handful of adult games I like.
The MCM has a girlfriend but he’s not thinking about cheating. He isn’t even aware that they could be very shrewd and get him They’re all married, which means… “no risk”.
Mc’s aim: Being with four girls and it’s a good opportunity to try to understand how to impress women, by “discussing and observing” them, to be a better boyfriend.
What happens next?
Do you think he will learn something through more than “discussing and watching”?
Do the girls perceive the MC as someone who fits them better than their companions?
If he is going to be able to rejoin his partner once the quarantine has ended?
Will he enter into an affair with another person?
– New event: Look at the door entrance in the afternoon, someone is here! The outcome will be different if you are in a couple with Emma or not. Repeatable. 4 New animations
– New event: If you’re in a couple with Emma, new event when you go to sleep. Repeatable. 2 New animations
– Global rework of the animation replays, all animations replay should be unlocked once you see them at least once and is independent of save (if you’ve seen it once, even if you restart, you’ll see it in all new games)
It will also show “unlocked” animations to see which ones you’ve missed.

It’s not retroactive with the old system, I added the option to unlock them all, only for this update.
I had to touch a lot of coding, don’t hesitate to save often and report if there is a crash at any moment. It will be the same thing for the 0.3.3

– New sex sounds & cum effects (not affecting all animations)
– Some text edit & renamed “level” to “Step”, because people were looking for earning experience (associated with the word “level”)
– Indications of the quest are more precise and tell you exactly what to do. It will not be the case anymore for free versions.

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