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Last Update: February 10, 2022
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[Android] Lab Rats 2 - Down to Business - Version 0.49.2

Release date: 02/09/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 1.7 GB [Win/Android]
About:This is a very original and early-tech demonstration version Lab Rats 2
Lab Rats 2: Down to Business
Lab Rats 2 is set in the aftermath of Lab Rats 1, but does not require experience with it to be played. The game will focus on the sex of your female employees as you establish your own pharmaceutical empire. Procedurally generated females will be included in the game along with detailed clothing and an outfit system, as well as complex sex systems.
– Added list_of_instantiation_labels, useful for mods to instantate saveable constructs or modify existing lists.
– Added Job class. Each job has a title and related Role that is given when a Person starts that job. Each Person can have only one job.
– Added on_hire and on_fire functions to Job class. Called when a person’s job is changed, in case special variables need to be set up.
– Added “job_known” field in event_triggers_dict. If True, you know what a person’s new job is, otherwise listed as Unknown.
– Added strippler_role and stripper_job.
– Added stripper role to Gabrielle when you find her at the stripclub.
– Added ability to ask for a private dance from strippers when they are at work.
– Added special private dance branch for Gabrielle when she’s working as a stripper.
– Added Schedule class to centralise weekly and daily planning functionality.
– Added DailySchedule class to hold information about location plans for a specific day.
– Removed old schedule Dict from Person class. Now stores an instance of Schedule with the non-work locations that person would like to be at for each day/time.
– Added Job class. A “Job” is a collection of a Role, map location, and Schedule.
– Each Person now stores a Job (unemployeed is it’s own “job” for coding purposes). Each person can only have one job at a time.
– Added Jobs for each of the core business jobs (research, marketing, production, supply, HR)
– Added Jobs for many special roles (stripper, prostitute, and similar).
– Added special Jobs for most of the special characters (Jennifer, Lily, Rebecca, Nora, Alexia, etc.)
– Added multiple unimportant jobs for random characters to have (barista, cashier, etc.)
– Girls will check their Job schedule, if one exists, to see where they should be. If their job doesn’t require them to be somewhere they will fall back to their normal schedule.
– Added override schedule, which has the highest destination priority. Used when a character needs to be forced to a location, is very pregnant, etc.
– Added “Offer to hire her” option to most job roles. Requires 20 Love to ask, and some jobs will require extra motivation to convince the girl to leave.
– Updated all events that maniuplated someone’s schedule to work with the new Schedule system.
– Added event to have Gabrielle quit her job at the strip club and come work for you.
– Added recruitment critiera business policies, letting you only recruit applicants with tiny/small/large/huge breasts.
– Added recruit sex skill improvement policy.
– Many business policies now modify the age cap and floor of a new recruit.
– Added exclusive_tag to policies. When a policy is toggled on it will toggle off any policies with the same tag.
– Added recruitment criteria business policies for candidate age.
– Added recruitment criteria business policies for candidate relationship status.
– Added recruitment criteria business policies for candidate height.
– Added recruitment criteria business policy for candidate mother/childless status.
– Refactored Policy class. Added own_requirement and active_requirement lists, which hold business policies that msut be owned/active to purchse.
– Policy.requirement can now be used for a generic non-policy based requirement. If a string is returned that string is displayed on the business policy UI.
– Business policy UI now display what prerequisits you need before you can purchase a locked policy.
– Added ability to convince Jennifer to quit her job, and optionally hire her to your business.
– Updated many of Jennifer’s work based events to check if she is actually at work.
– Added event to convince Lily to drop out of school and work for your business.
– Added event to convince Rebecca to come work for you.
– Added fuck date to girlfriend (and girlfriend-like) date list.
– Added a pregnancy related sex goal. Only generated if pregnancy content is turned on.
– Added unit tests for Job, Schedule, DailySchedule classes.
– Updated unit tests for Person class to cover new schedule functionality.
– Added a “salary_modifier” field to Person class. Modifies the amount of pay a character would demand from it’s base theoretical amount.
– Updated Emily’s event to properly trigger orgasms when appropriate.
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