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Last Update: April 30, 2022
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[Android] Star Knightess Aura - Version 0.18.0

Release date: 04/30/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 300 MB [Win/Android]
About:Begin to follow Aura as she begins her adventure into the world of fantasy Roya. Aura’s initial belief that she was summoned to an alternative reality was untrue. It proved to be her most terrifying nightmare. Aura is now cursed and is forced to battle night and day to find and kill her demon King.

However, the enemies of Roya are not only residing within Roya. Another enemy is in Aura’s brain through using the Demon King’s curse. He attempts to gain control over her and reduce her. A dual-edged attack on her body and mind could be threatening her ability to take on her greatest adversary. What can Aura do to overcome her biggest enemy without succumbing to her own fate?

Star Knightess Aura, an RPG that uses nsfw-based content was made using RPG Maker MZ. It covers topics such as corruption, brainwashing, and control of the mind. The characters must be 18 or older.
Integrated H-CG for “Customer Service 1”
Integrated H-CG for “Customer Service 2”
Integrated H-CG for “Flashing Breasts For Guard”
Integrated H-CG for “Showing Pussy For Guard”
Integrated H-CG for “Young Merchant Dinner 3”
Added mental change “Blur Out Super Robot Shows” in Alicia Childhood Memory Dive
Added mental change “Change Favorite Color Red To Pink”
Added mental change “Add bangles”
Added mental change “Remove Self-Acknowledgement III”
Added mental change “Flashy Clothes”
Added mental change “Light Makeup”
Added mental change “Shorten Skirt Length”
Added mental change “Shopping II”
Added scene “Shopping In Mall 5”
Added scene “Aura Bored At Studying 3”
Added scene “Aura Bored At Studying 4”
Added scene “Shopping With Patricia 3”
Added scene “Shopping With Patricia 4”
Added scene “Evening With George 7”
Added scene “Evening With George 8”
Added scene “Aura Posting On Social Media 3”
Added Nephlune Underground Dungeon
Added Nephlune Underground City
Added Demonologist NPC in Underground City
Added Dark Mage Spellshop in Underground City
Added Drug Dealer NPC in Underground City #2089
Moved end of content point in Nephlune to James mansion entrance
Added spell “Horror I”
Add lewd scene “Young Dinner Merchant 3”
Added lewd scene “Asking For Drugs 1”
Added lewd scene “Asking For Drugs 2”
Added quest “Demon Worshipper 101”
Added item “Sweet Memories Drug+”
Added item “Bloodshot Eyes”
Added item “Lascivicious Drug Coating” and “Lascivicious Drug Coating”+
Added item “Blue Sugar Drug”
Added item “The Art of Fire”
Added availability of Remove Collar action into skill description
Add resistance calculus to correctly determine resistance from WEAK/RESIST traits
Implemented type tag system for lewd scenes
Added consumeDrug tags to Maid Job
Added Addicted and Withdrawal passives
Added option to give Drug Dealer drug formula
Added option to give White Priestess drug formula
Added stone tabled to Underground City
Disabled drugging companions
Updated Hand Of The Kind quest
Improved NPC positions during Arwin’s party
Increased max mental changes to 75
Increased max killable bosses to 49
Unified state duration to always decrease on turn end instead of action end, especially Tactical Advantage
Changed +2 Corruption of Sweet Memories Drug to +1 Corruption and +1 Addiction
Reduced minimum lewdness effects of Addicted I/II/III and Withdrawal I/II/III
Decreased minimum waiting time between testing phases to 7 days
Decreased corruption costs for increasing max happiness tank capacity to 1/2 for MEDIUM and MAX
Fixed typos
Fixed hands for Aura RL standing art
Fixed padding issues in Beastiary
Fixed water mage reviving on slime summon in slime summoner fight in Underground
Fixed crashes from switching to new tagging system for lewd scenes
Fixed incorrect passabilities
Fixed no addiction increases when adult content is off
Fixed Art Of Fire being readable twice when getting Reading. Is. Boring.
Fixed Skillbook: Offensive Stance II being readable twice when getting Reading. Is. Boring.
Fixed money glitches from learning Shadowcloak I from Dark Mage
Fixed some trust checks not being disabled upon death of associated worshipper
Fixed missing corruption increases from answers in Young Merchant Dinner 3
Fixed Maid Job 2 always giving -2 Max Willpower when Adult Content is off
Fixed mapping bug in Northern Mines Vault
Fixed movement routes of demon worshippers in Underground City
Fixed Shopping II being visible before unlocking it
Fixed incorrect method of calculating last actor id of used skill / item
Fixed numerical precision issues in discount application, especially Blessed Water cost increase
Fixed Aamon (FIRE) form only lasting for 2 turns first time in battle
Estimated play time: 17-21h
Word Count: 348k
Lewd Scenes: 37
Real World Scenes: 121
CGs: 14 (+1 Bonus CG)

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