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Last Update: March 9, 2022
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[Android] The Deepfakes of Serene O'Hara - Version 0.1

Release date: 03/09/2022
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 506 MB [Win/Android]
About:High Drama escalates in life of a happening event host Serene OHara when unknowingly, she becomes part of a deep fake scandal. It was not just the lockdown which places her temporarily under same roof as domineering parents and an idealistic brother… but when her doubtful BF proposes a silly prenup agreement, she’s had enough!

While Serene is fixing her on & off relationship, she must find out the nefarious gentleman who is misusing technology and character assassinating her on the digital space. Now all of that being watched by naughty people worldwide, the scandal blows out in unexpected fashion because wherever Serene goes, she gets pursued by brainwashed dudes wanting to lay their pipe in her…

Our female protagonist looks above average, hasn’t even tasted stardom yet and nor is she a big personality on social media. This puts a burning question in everyone’s mind- Why her? If caught, should she forgive him? Does he need a mental health expert or sit behind the prison? How deeply concerned are the parent witnessing their loving daughter in such a bad light? Most importantly, who’s at fault? The woman’s look… the creators tyrannical mind or tight lipped audience enjoying it all?​

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