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Last Update: February 25, 2023
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[Android] Wifey's Dilemma Revisited - Version 0.20

Release date: 01/25/2023
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 700 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:This Game is a reboot of Wifey’s Dilemma, with many new upgrades and features.
In this game, the main character marries his friend so that she can stay in the country (Both characters can be renamed).
He had feelings for her when they were younger, but never managed to act on them.
Now that she’s married to him… who knows?
The game follows the experiences of this young man.
He will meet other women, and will be able to develop his relationships with them.
NTR off first: if PC is in a relationship with Wifey, he’ll be able to take their love life to a new level. “L” word included! You’ll need to pass different stat checks for the best outcome.
If the PC is not in relationship with Wifey, NTR off:Not much happens. Yup, that’s what friends are for.
If the PC is in a relationship with Wifey, NTR On:The choices you have made so far will change the first scene. If you have Snoop, use it for an extra NTR scene.
If Wifey is experience in something, she will be able to do something with Jamal.
If she is inexperienced, she’ll stop halfway. (Mostly dialogue difference)
After this you can progress to the normal date (same as when NTR is off, see earlier)
If the PC is not in a relationship with Wifey, NTR On:Same Snoop scene, but no intimacy with Wifey afterwards.
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