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Last Update: April 13, 2024
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Final Orginity - Version 0.3.5

Release date: 04/12/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 500 MB [Win/Mac]
About:A change is taking place inside Amy. She can feel it deep within. The men in her town no longer look at her as they used to. That pure and innocent little blonde girl she used to be now is seen by gazes of desire and temptation…​
Embark on an epicjourney with Amy through a medieval fantasy world filled with danger and barbarism lurking around every corner.
Explore a universe as wonderful as it is tough, where a diverse cast of characters will guide you you to live all kind of extreme and erotic situations.
Take all the possible paths that lead to the ultimate destination of FINAL ORGINITY, and discover with her the darkest secrets of the kingdom.
2 new animated scenes (4 animations in total).
Rework of the ritual at the church and escape sequences from the beginning of the game.
3 new still images + 2 reworks as parts of scenes
7 new character portraits + 4 portrait reworks
Diagonal sprites for Amy for all skins
New big & mysterious area
2 new ropo collectibles.
New songs, and cinematic sequences.
Now you can see Big Bob’s scene after Rokas Path.
New other features: Updated Galery, Added “Nude Amy” at Wardrobe, Autosave, Visible map name when entering an open area.
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