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Last Update: January 13, 2024
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[Android] Isekai Awakening - Version 0.98.9

Release date: 01/11/2024
Censorship: No
Language: English
Size: 500 MB [Win/Mac/Android]
About:You play the role of a young man summoned by the SEX MAIDEN to enslave all the females in the town and,
fight against the EVIL MAIDEN, bring her to the knees, and become the new King!​
Added a New Map in Mage’s Location, Swamp Map
Added a New Mechanics for Exploration events
Added new Status window for Swamp Map which shows direction.
Added 3 Enemies Goblin, Crab and Crow
Added 3 Souls that can be captured
Added 2 Evolution for Goblin.(Captured Souls)
Added 2 Evolution for Crab and Crow.(Captured Souls)
Added a Proper Menu Showing all different option like
Items, Equips… Options, Save, Member Status.
Added Base Turn Based Battle System
Added the Skill Soul Recall in Skill Tree
Added Option to Recall Soul of Dead Enemy after battle
Made a New Menu of Soul Manager, where you can keep track of all your souls
Added Equip Function in Soul Manager
Added Info Window for Soul(Which tell Current level of souls and next level for transformation)
Added a Transform button when the target level is reached to Level up the Soul.
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